Virtual CFO Program

Are you ready to take HUGE action in your business? 

Hire me as your Virtual CFO for a month!

Give your business a kick in the pants

If you are frustrated trying to setup and understand the ins and out of running a small business, I am here to help! We will work together to get your business organized and running efficiently. This program will be specifically tailored to each birth professional. Our objectives for the month could include:

  • Setting up your accounting software
  • Setting up an expense tracking system
  • Laying out a sales plan for the year
  • Designing a marketing plan
  • Reorganizing your website

This exclusive program will only be offered to ONE person per month. Book your month now before it's too late! 

I can't believe how much we accomplished in one month. We setup my accounting software, worked on my email sequence, reorganized my website and mapped out a sales plan for the next 6 months!


Birth Pro

Virtual CFO benefits include:

  • Working with a small business owner, accountant, and MBA  -that's me!
  • Weekly meetings with video chat and screen sharing
  • Unlimited questions via email and Voxer, a walkie-talkie style app 
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Some good jokes and a lot of bad ones

Apply today!

Virtual CFO


$299/mo opening price

  • Take HUGE action in your business 
  • Limited spots available each month!
  • Meet virtually each week to set goals, and talk anytime via the Voxer app
  • We will work together to set your goals for the month
  • Example goals: Establish a marketing plan, set up accounting system, reorganize your website

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