Gain control over the finances

of your business -starting today!

Do any of these sound like you?

"I don't know how much to save for taxes."

"I keep all my receipts in a shoe box!"

"I'm making money but I never seem to have anything left to pay myself!"

If so, learn the skills and knowledge needed to run a profitable small business

The Birth Pro Guide to Business Class

Dan Dekker, MBA

Setting up a brand new business

Step 1

Choose a business type (sole proprietor, LLC, etc)
Naming a business

Social media setup

Mindset of a business owner

Tracking Expenses

Step 3

How to track expenses from now on (throw away the shoe box!)

Minimizing expenses

Avoiding shiny object syndrome

Taxes and CPA's

Step 5

Tax requirements for small businesses

Allocating income for ALL your business needs

Why and how to find a CPA

Account Basics

Step 2

Revenue, expenses, and income

Owner's pay vs. salary

Setting up appropriate bank accounts

Interpreting your financial statements

Accounting Software

Step 4

Why you should invest in accounting software

Options for tracking expenses and saving yourself time

Demonstration with Quickbooks & Wave

Basics of Marketing

Step 6

How to market a small business for the future

Marketing funnels

Email marketing

Here's what current students are saying:

"Dan has created a class that clarifies the “hows and whys” of handling the financial side of operating a business. Implementing the recommended steps has simplified my record keeping, allowing me to spend more time doing what I love while knowing that I have what I will need come tax time!!"

- Doula

I highly recommend Dan's class for birth professionals. I had a meager understanding of business terms and concepts. Dan "takes you by the hand" and teaches the nuts and bolts in a well-prepared and easy-to-understand style. I came away from every class with several practical tools to immediately implement. The administrative side of my business used to seem daunting and I would ignore it until the last possible minute. Now I am confident, have a well working system and my business is profiting!

Bobbi Jo

“I've taken helpful business trainings before and I appreciated that this one was laser-focused on getting me results. His content is engaging, informative, and honest. I appreciate that Dan is both acquainted with the birth world and an expert in accounting. I want my business to be sustainable, and with Dan's class,  I'm on my way!"


Frequently Asked Questions

I've been in business for several years, is this class for me? 

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I am excited to offer scholarships for birth professionals of color for this class. Please follow this link for more information.

Birth Pro Guide to Business


  • Four 1-hour training sessions, including recorded Q&A sessions
  • Watch at your own pace
  • Closed Facebook Group for Birth Pro Guide to Business students
  • Lifetime Access to Class Materials

Birth Pro Guide to Business +
Website Review


  • Four 1-hour training sessions, including recorded Q&A sessions 
  • Watch at your own pace
  • Closed Facebook Group for Birth Pro Guide to Business students
  • Lifetime Access to Class Materials
  • Personalized Review of your website. Redeemable anytime in the next 12 months

NOW is the time to create good habits in your business. Don't wait until it's too late!

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