Join the Birth Business Teacher Boardroom

Live Q&A for Birth Professionals twice a month


Do you let small questions slow down the growth of your business? 

Growing a business isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. The key is to always keep moving forward. 

Don't allow your business to sit idle!

The Birth Business Teacher Boardroom is designed to help Birth Professionals get the specific answers they need right now, and hold them accountable for taking action in their business. 

We know many small business owners and they all say the same thing. The key to success is getting the good advice along the way, and being held accountable to make the necessary changes to their business. That’s what the BBT Boardroom is here for. The boardroom is two live calls per month, dedicated solely to answering your current questions. Get an answer, and move your business forward. Hit another stumbling block two weeks later? Come to the next call and get that new question answered.

"This was a small question, but one I put off answering for months! Now I have this big accounting mess because I didn't get an answer right away." -K.P. 

The quote above is from a student from the "Birth Pro Guide to Business." Instead of solving her accounting problem, she kept ignoring it. Now she has a lot more work cleaning up the mess she made! 

Join our LIVE calls twice a month and get the clarity and answers you need NOW!


Are you ready to take HUGE action in your business? 

Hire me as your Virtual CFO!

Hire me for one month to be your Virtual CFO! We will work together to get your business organized and running efficiently. This program will be specifically tailored to each birth professional. Our objectives for the month could include:

  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts
  • Setting up an expense tracking system
  • Learn how to use accounting software
  • Design a marketing plan
  • Reorganizing your website

This exclusive program will only be offered to ONE person per month. Book your month now before it's too late! 

Virtual CFO benefits include:

  • Working with a small business owner, accountant, and MBA -that's me!
  • Weekly meetings with video chat and screen sharing
  • Unlimited questions via email and Voxer, a walkie-talkie style app 
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Some good jokes and a lot of bad ones

Join Today! Choose Your Plan Below

BBT Boardroom

$29 per month

$19/mo for current BPG2B students

  • Two live Q&A sessions each month
  • Get YOUR questions answered 
  • Have accountability to stay motivated in your business
  • Here what your peers are doing
  • Have support as your business grows

Virtual CFO


$299 opening price

  • Take HUGE action in your business 
  • Only 1 spot available each month!
  • Meet virtually each week to set goals, and talk anytime via the Voxer app
  • We will work together to set your goals for the month
  • Example goals: Establish a marketing plan, set up accounting system, reorganize your website

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