You know all about birth.

Now learn all about running a small business.

Learn to run your business and make money doing what you love. 

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  • Is your childbirth business struggling to make a profit? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to run your own small business?
  • I’ve developed a class on how to setup and operate a small business designed specifically for doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and lactation consultants.
  • The Birth Pro Guide to Business class gives struggling childbirth professionals the tools and knowledge to confidently run a successful small business.

I've been working in accounting for small businesses for over 10 years. Now, my wife and I run our own successful small business. I've been meeting and talking with birth professionals for several years and many say that they love what they do, but struggle to make money doing it! That's why I have developed this class. I want birth professionals to have the business skills to make a living while working in the birth community. 

Dan Dekker, MBA

"Birth Pro Guide to Buiness" Class

Join our class and learn all of these valuable skills:

  • How to start a business from scratch
  • Properly track expenses
  • Saving for taxes

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